Danser HT2008

Utlärda danser ht 08

Klass 2:
Combine Harvester Groove
Honky tonk stomp
Driftaway cha cha
Trickle trickle
Make it up
Tush push
Country 2 step

Klass 3:
Live laugh love (LLL)
6 8 12
Billy Jean
Crazy foot mambo
God blessed Texas
Bosa Nova
Red hot salsa
Come dance with me

Klass 4:
Stitch it up
Dance like you´re the only one
Tango cha
Extra danser
Buy me a drink
Side by side

Klass 5:
Purple rain
1 2 3 Summertime
Stop it
My Veronica
Extra danser
Islands in the stream
Chill factor